Women, Tattoos and Bikes

Published: 01st October 2005
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Riding is a spirited world ruled by men. It is an expression of who they are. An alley for escapade, thrill and surprises. It is passion coupled with perseverance that ebbed from the innate nature of a man as a fighter and adventure-seeker.

Every rider has this urge to always search for new roads, spots and races that challenges his riding prowess in varying conditions. These stuffs serve as their 'aphrodisiac' to like riding more and more. But aside from the three mentioned, riders are also obsessed with women. Women are their inspiration. This is the reason why motorcycle ads are bombarded with women. Ladies in skimpy swim suits and thongs are made to pose on bikes. They are the spice that keeps the riders kicking and bouncing in their bikes - fortunate for these gentlemen because lady bikers are part of the adventure these days. They need not look far because lady riders are also rocking the trails these days. A significant 9 percent of riders are women. There are even some sites that feature lady bikers. When two genders collide, it will definitely mean more fun!

Aside from women, of course riders are also obsessed with bikes. They have different fetishes. Some like vintage bikes, some modern. They are maintaining their bikes like caring for their own children. They know when to replace motorcycle parts, when to clean and wax them and obviously when to ride them.

Riders not only wear helmets, vests and other usual biker apparel but they also wear these tattoos and piercing. But among these two, the most intriguing are tattoos. Riders are like walking canvass. They are adorned by various work-of-art tattoos. Some tattoos are dreadful, some silly, some naughty and others are pretty reflective of the biker's life. Some are just product of their wild imagination yet some are replicas of their personality.

The most common bike tattoo is skull. They come in various versions and interpretations. For them, it symbolizes machismo braveness, courage and the feel of 'being a man'. Aside from the skull and bones, bikers also express their idiosyncrasies in other themes like animals, celestial bodies and other objects. They even incorporate names of their lovers or children for that matter.

The riders' world is really an intriguing space open to all kinds of expression. You may confuse yourself with them, you may not. You may abhor them, you may ride on!

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