Things to Ponder about Motorcycle Tire Plugs

Published: 11th November 2005
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Flat tires and other tire discrepancies spoil our otherwise exciting motorcycle adventure.

We know that tires are made of rubber, therefore, are susceptible to punctures, peeling and the likes. This is the reason why as riders we have to get the best quality tires that we can find in order to secure our ride. In addition, we have to keep a spare tire, emergency sealant, tire plugs or better a tire plug kit. Motorcycle tire plug kit was proven to be one of the indispensable motorcycle accessories. Nonetheless, we place less attention to motorcycle tire plugs. In fact, it is one of the motorcycle accessories that are oftentimes overlooked.

In repairing or changing tires, tire plugs can be applied while the tire is mounted on the bike. Motorcycle jack must first stabilize the vehicle because the tire will be losing air pressure. This instance is pretty perilous. Thus, it is still advisable to remove the tire before repairing it. Aside from the fact that it is easier to look and fix the damaged part, it is also easy and safe to correctly apply the tire plugs.

Tire plugs are essential. How essential can they get? Well, here are some of the things to ponder about motorcycle tire plugs: First, through the tread, just about any puncture can be fixed by tire plugs. Second, nobody can safely put more than one tire plug within the same tire quadrant. Lastly, nobody can put more than two plugs into a tire.

Bear in mind that tire plug manufacturers renounce the safety of the plug if we use more than two plugs in the tire or more than one plug in one tire quadrant. Speed warranties are also rendered void. Thus, if your tire is designated with an 'H' for its speed, it means that your safe speed is up to 130 MPH. However, if you are using even one tire plug in the tire, limit your speed up to about 80 MPH.

Don't compromise your safety with by using the prohibited number of tire plugs in a tire. Learn to go by the rules so as not to sacrifice your safety. And in cases of malfunction, manufacturers cannot abscond or waive their liabilities. We are making them a favor if we violate the rules. In fact, we are the ones who will be at the losing end. Might as well be stick to what is prescribed and rightful.

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