Motorcycle Clutch Problems

Published: 02nd December 2005
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Both OEM and aftermarket motorcycle parts have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. The former may be expensive compared to the latter however, buyers can be assured of its quality since they are equivalent to the parts that are already in the motorcycle when they are purchased. On the other hand, aftermarket motorcycle parts may be cheaper than the OEM parts. Moreover, they can be of equal or lesser quality than the latter.

Whatever motorcycle parts you choose, there is still that degree of caution and responsibility. Let us take motorcycle clutch as an example…

The usual problem with a motorcycle clutch is that it drags or slips. You may be driving confidently then suddenly surrounding circumstances tell your mind to hit the clutch but it won't work because it slips? What do you think will result? This is pretty dangerous since it can spell a terrible crash, bump or worst loss of life.

To preclude these things to happen, there are several things that we can do. First, you can drill holes in each friction plate. Might as well, clean and chamfer the holes and notches located at the edges of the steel plates. This way they will not slip without getting caught. Then, replace the rivets on inner clutch hub liner with nylatron. In order to do this, you have to remove the hub off the shaft and knock the rivets out. Clean up the surfaces. After cleaning, put the hub and basket on. Now you need not worry about your clutch because these things keep the clutch from dragging and slipping. It will allow its smooth and accurate release.

If you still have slip problems after assembly, before you crank the spring tension, you must take out the friction plates and examine whether there are shiny spots. Friction happens in these shiny spots. To eliminate them, use emery paper and sand off the spots then make the plate flat. When all plates are in good and uniform contact with each other you have a very good chance of running very light spring pressure without slip. Thus, it creates a nice easy shifting at your pleasure and safety!

Keep the clutch always in contact that fact alone can save your ride. Riding worry-free without any apprehensions makes your ride more exciting and fun!

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